Where we Came From:

EC Wilson first opened its doors in Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market in 1906. Buying direct from the farmers, EC Wilson sold to Seattle’s restaurants as well as the general public out of its downtown location. In those days EC Wilson primarily sold poultry and eggs.

In the 1970’s EC Wilson was purchased by E. C. Hine, who moved the company to its present location in Lynnwood, Washington. During this time, EC Wilson expanded its poultry sales to include other types of meat.

When EC Wilson’s warehouse burned down in 1984, the company remained open without losing a day of business. During this time EC Wilson shifted focus and a facility was constructed on its original foundation. The new building was built with foodservice meat sales and custom cutting in mind. It was during this period that Gene Hine became president of the company and EC Wilson became a federally inspected meat processing facility.

Today our business is still owned by the same family that purchased it and moved it to Lynnwood in the 1970’s. During this time we have maintained our commitment to selling the highest quality meat money can buy. We have expanded on Eugene C. Hine’s vision of the company, and now supply protein to many of the best restaurants and butcher shops in the Puget Sound region. Chances are good that if you've dined downtown, or on the eastside in the last couple years, you have tasted one of our products. Give us all call today and let us know what we can do for your business.

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