EC Wilson Expands Product Lines with Mary's Chicken

Posted by Jason Hine on August 6, 2013  • 

When we were approached by David Pittman, President of Mary's chicken and Pittman ducks, with his excellent product we knew it would be a great fit for our customer base. Mary's chicken is an all free-range chicken program coming up out of California. All of their chickens are fed a non-GMO diet, that keeps the birds natural.

In addition, Mary's uses some new technology to improve both the flavor of their product and the humane methods of production. Mary's uses an air-chilling machine to finish their chicken. Most poultry plants in the US use a water-chilling method that not only wastes a large amount of water, but increases the water weight of the end product. By using air-chilling, the end consumer is paying for chicken only, not added water.

Another new technology that they use is called the CAS, or controlled atmospheric stunning. Approved by PETA, the CAS machine puts the chickens to sleep prior to slaughter. This is valuable for the consumer as well, because a less stressed out animal creates more tender meat because it does not tense before being harvested.

These benefits set Mary's chicken apart from many other product lines, and inspired us to want to bring this brand to the Seattle area.


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