Difficult Times

Posted by Jason Hine on March, 16 2020  • 

Our hearts go out to all of the restaurant people in the Seattle area who lost their jobs or were forced to close the doors this week. As an owner of EC Wilson Meats, I know the people you work with become part of your extended family. The last thing anyone wants to consider is breaking up that family. For those who are now unemployed I hope you can find new work soon, and that you can get the help you need to get your family through this trying time.

With some of the names we lost this week, it was like watching a beautiful old tree catch fire. Something you thought would stand for years to come vanishing over night. I also hope that those who have dreams of reopening will soon be able to fling the doors open to the renewed and HEALTHY support of our local community.

I know the hard work and passion that goes into keeping these places open, as well as the difficult decisions that have already been made over the past few years as our local economy has shifted. To any open restaurants that work with us, please do not worry about delivery minimums or if an order is "too small" until this is over. We want to be there to help you get through this, and even if we're only coming by with a few lbs of the one thing you need not to 86 a menu item, we want to do it.

To those not in the restaurant industry: If you are a Friend from the greater King County area and from a "low risk" category, please consider getting take out or delivery from one of our city's local, independent restaurants. Thinking of you all, and please stay safe out there,

Jason Hine
Co-Owner of EC Wilson Meats

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