Seafood Update!

Posted by Jordan Laine on June 01, 2018  • 

Our seafood program continues to grow! If there are any fresh or frozen seafood items that we can source for your business please contact us Here or call 425-481-5100. Thanks!



Posted by Jordan Laine on April 18, 2018  • 

Due to a surplus on the following items we are currently offering them at a discounted price while supplies last! Please contact your sales rep or email if you're interested in anything on the list below!


Hot Seafood Items

Posted by Jordan Laine on April 11, 2018  • 

EC Wilson is excited to announce increased offerings on responsibly sourced seafood! For more details and a complete list of new products and pricing please contact our sales team at 425-481-5100 or We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Commitment

Posted by Jordan Laine on April 04, 2018  • 

Many companies like to describe themselves as providing “excellent customer service” , but since those words have become a bit cliché we want to take a moment to explain exactly what that means to us here at EC Wilson and how it translates into success for our customers.

We proudly stand behind the following customer service principles:

Consistent product and delivery
It all starts with a knowledgeable staff picking and loading your products. Each account is assigned a dedicated sales rep and driver. Together we work to understand your ordering trends and ensure the correct product is delivered on a consistent basis. This means fewer substitutions so that you don’t have to worry about your delivery.

You will find many suppliers with rigid delivery windows. The EC Wilson team understands that emergencies happen, business can fluctuate unexpectedly and that sometimes delivery is needed outside the standard delivery time. We are committed to do doing everything we can to ensure that you have product when you need it.

While we aren’t always perfect, we have processes in place to discover any potential delivery interruptions before your truck arrives. When something doesn’t go according to plan we will own it and fix it.

We will do the right thing and we won’t cut corners. We might not always be the cheapest, but we will always price fairly, stock a quality product and follow through on our commitments.

As with any relationship it all comes down to dialogue. We are always listening to our customers and are committed to maintaining honest lines of communication. We want to hear about what we can do to help your business.

While procuring high quality meat when our customers need it is the end game, we embrace the role of trust, integrity and day-to-day execution in our industry. We have built our business on establishing long lasting relationships with our customers, and that’s why we have lasted over 100 years.

New Partnerships on Fresh and Frozen Seafood

Posted by Jason Hine on June 1, 2017  • 

We at EC Wilson have been hard at work on increasing our offerings on responsibly sourced seafood. We’ve increased our number of current partnerships with some of the best suppliers in the seafood industry to open up access to a wide range of new products.

This includes an expanded array of fresh fish products. For best service, we ask that all orders on fresh fish be turned in by 9 AM the day prior to delivery. While we will make every effort to accommodate orders received later in the day, it will help us provide your restaurant with the freshest fish available.

For ease of reference, we’ve included a catalogue with this news posting on some of the new seafood items available.

Sample Seafood Catalogue

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