EC Wilson Meats Turns 105 Years old

Posted by Jason Hine on September 23, 2011  • 

The EC Wilson Meat Company turns 105 years old later this month. One of the original tenants of Seattle's iconic public market, the Wilson's bought eggs and poultry  from local farmers and delivered to restaurants and lodges all over  the Seattle area. That means the EC Wilson Meat company has survived through two world wars, numerous renovations, and more than a century of doing business in King and Snohomish county.

As a company, you don't continue to grow and expand for a hundred and five years without doing some things right. While some things have changed about us over the years, we are still remarkably similar in some ways to how the Wilson's operated their business out of the market. In fact, as an observer inside this industry I see a stronger trend back to the 'old way' of doing things. Local meats without the use of growth hormones. Pasture raised and cut by hand by knowledgeable industry professionals.

I hope when I am looking back at 150 years of EC Wilson Meats that I will be as proud of the kind of business we are then, as I am today.

In honor of our 105th anniversary, EC Wilson is happy to be publishing our first company e-newsletter to our mailing list. To join our list, please click here: Contact Us.

Also, we'd like to offer a new special to our loyal customers for their Seattle Restaurant Week. Please see the features page here: Specials.

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